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Sebastian Gomez


For more than two decades he has help companies build strong partnerships. He is also an expert in emerging Technologies and Project Management of distributed teams. 

Experienced in areas of marketing, logistics and sales, working and managing multinational teams. He worked for nine years in the private sector for some of the largest Latinamerican companies in a diverse group of industries: Software, Food production, logistics and housewares. For the last years he has worked for the Colombian Government advising companies in internationalization strategies. First as Manufacturing Advisor in the Regional office of Medellín for ProColombia. Since 2012 he was transferred to the Texas region in the US, as Trade representative in the Midwest and southwest. He has been responsible for the positioning Colombia’s IT as an strategic partner for the US and has helped as business developer for the Information Technologies and Creative Sector of Colombia.

Sebastian is an International Negotiator (EAFIT, Colombia) with an Executive Master in Business Administration (EOI, Spain) and Postgraduate Specializations in Political Studies (EAFIT) and Game Design (ACC - Austin, TX).