Nearshore Teams are our friends

A famous phrase I had heard a lot in the past, and that has been associated with Richard Whitehead, is: "It's like peanut butter and chocolate. Each is great, but they're better together."

It is a belief we wholeheartedly implement in our business and relationship with our partners.

Working with offshore and nearshore teams give companies an edge and growth potential to outpace companies solely focusing on Onsite teams.

I like all the ways outsourcing can help companies tap into the talent and expertise of different partners. I know it can be challenging trusting someone outside of the organization, but integration can be painless and very satisfactory. Although We have experience finding partners on-shore and offshore, I like the flexibility, cost, and cultural proximity of nearshore teams. When reaching out to us for the first time, some people don't realize that nearshore countries like Colombia, Mexico, and Argentina share similar education and entertainment backgrounds as US-based talent. This means they study the same books, watch the same movies or Tv shows or play the same games. . And when my clients have visited Nearshore teams, they always find an accommodating and easy-to-work culture that always gains their hearts.

We can always mention the traditional excuses for working with nearshore teams, like half of custom software development costs of onsite teams, more extensive access to senior talent, and more accessible communication than offshore teams due to the shared time zones with all continental U.S. But experiencing and chatting with the teams is always the best way to understand why we promote nearshoring so heavily.

We have several partners in nearshore destinations that specialize in solutions for our clients, like Performance Marketing and Web Development based on Data analytics, Data Planning solutions, Cybersecurity consulting, and Interactive Technology, among others.

We are also a user of Nearshore Software Development Companies in some of our internal projects.

Reach out to us if you want to learn more about our network.