Why Everyone is Obsessed With Digital Transformation

If all businesses had to learn something last year with the pandemic, is that change can come fast and unexpected. Even companies that had already embraced digital transformation, needed to adapt to new conditions in the market and accelerated many of the changes they had planned in the next 5 years in a few months. Some examples from these quick changes were flexible remote or work-from-home schedules, access to centralized servers, cloud migration, IP communication, and of course video conferencing.

Still, digital transformation is going to be an important part of the business economy in the future. Many of the changes that happened all across the economy were the response to the pandemic and where the minimum viable changes required to sustain businesses afloat.

It's like putting a bucket under the ceiling to collect water dripping from the ceiling during a thunderstorm. In the end, it is a temporary solution for a problem, but is not going to fix the issue the next time another storm comes around.

Now that the economy is reopening many technology experts and CIOs have to ask an important question to decide their future. Should they embrace change or go back to the way they were? In reality, there is a third option, many of the changes implemented in the last 12 months were just to resolve a problem quickly, it was a parchment in a flat tire, but now should be the time to embrace change and take advantage of the opportunities of digital transformation and evolve companies into the future. The opportunity to use emerging technologies like spatial computing, machine learning, distributed ledgers, data science, among many others, is something that could help companies augment their teams, reduce costs and increase productivity considerably. Access to these technologies has never been easier and cost-effective, small and medium businesses can take advantage of all of these solutions working with experts all over the world.

About Thorus Solutions

We in Thorus are a Solution provider with a worldwide network of certified cloud developers that lead digital transformation using agile Methodologies.

This way we can work closely with our clients and take into consideration their feedback to make decisions as a team in less time.

Let us be your partner in Digital Transformation and build the technology your company’s future needs.